Mastering the Marksman: A Guide to Selecting and Using Airsoft Scope

Feb 21, 2024

Airsoft scopes have become increasingly popular among airsoft enthusiasts. Because they can help to improve accuracy and enhance the overall gaming experience.

Today, VictOptics will introduce the usage of airsoft scope, as well as how to choose them.


Selecting and Using Airsoft Scope 2024


Before delving into the main topic, there are two pieces of news about the airsoft industry i’d like to share with you.

Do you know how many airsoft  fields are in the US? And how many airsoft players in the world?

According to airsoft statistics research 2024, there are around 411 private airsoft fields in the US for the 2023 year.

There is no exact number of airsoft players, but the latest International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) tournament hosted around 200K players.

Good Scope for Airsoft Sniper Rifles

There are many affordable airsoft sniper scopes options available.

But what is a good scope for airsoft snipers?

When choosing airsoft optics, consider your budget and the desired magnification.

Well, the prize always comes the first. Choose a right scope according to your budget. VictOptics offers you many options of airsoft scopes under $100. Click the link to learn more.

Victoptics Airsoft Scope

Then, what magnification to choose?

When it comes to magnification of airsoft sniper scopes, there’re mainly 2 types that most shooter choose. One is airsoft scope 1-6x and the other is 3-9x scope.

For longer and more precisely shooting scenarios, the latter is definitely a better choice. But the former has an edge when shoot at a fair close range. Because it can act like a red dot when using at 1x magnification, allowing you acquire the target as soon as possible. Moreover, the variable power makes it versatile in longer ranges as well.

Then, besides the basic features like budget and magnification, you also need to compare and choose the turret type, lens quality and material. Also, waterproof and fogproof plays an important role.

There are two turret types of airsoft scopes. Capped and tactical. The tactical type can be adjusted simply by your hands, allowing quick adjustment. While the capped turret takes more time.

Next, let’s talk about lens quality. The lens quality will directly influence the image quality. You need to care about the distortion of the image, the light transmission and the clarity. Without a good lens quality, the scope will be of no help but a heavy burden.

Therefore, multi-coated lens are a necessity. Coated lens can increase the light transmission, thus providing you clear and crisp image. Such as Victoptics S6 1-6X24 Budget LPVO, fully multi-coated lens improve the color reproduction power of the overall sight.

Victoptics S6 brown Airsoft Scope Installed on a Gun

The last one is water resistance and fogproof. They are crucial for ensuring that the scope can withstand the unpredictable elements of nature, such as rain, snow, and fog. For it can protects the internal structure from moisture and water damage. Nitrogen filled scope can effectively prevent fogged lens. Be careful to choose your scope considering its water resistance and fogproof ability.

How to Adjust Scope on Airsoft Gun?

When shooting at varying distance, you need to adjust your scope’s crosshairs to achieve accuracy. Because increased distance will bring more bullet drop and wind drift.

The windage adjustment knob on your scope allows you to make left to right adjustments to deal with wind drift.

The elevation adjustment knob allows you to make up and down adjustments in order to compensate BBs drop.

You need to notice how the crosshairs move when you dial the turret. Besides, there are often 2 measurement markings, MIL and MOA. You have to be familiar with these two measurement first.

VICTOPTICS S6 1-6X24 SFP Air Gun Scope Windage and Elevation Adjustment

How to Protect Your Airsoft Scope?

After buying an airsoft scope, there’s another thing to consider, that is, how to prevent the glass from cracking due to BBs?

The simplest way is to pick up a killflash scope lense protector. It can be attached to the end of the scope. Many scope supplier provide sunshades in the accessosaries.

Also, you can make an airsoft scope protector by yourself. Watch the video to learn about how to use polycarbonate to DIY cheap scope protection.

In conclusion, choosing the right airsoft scope and understanding how to use and protect it are essential for improving your accuracy and overall gaming experience. By following the suggestions in this article, you can optimize your airsoft scope usage and make the most of your equipment.

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