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Oct 20, 2023

If you are a shooting enthusiast or an air rifle manufacturer, you will definitely know the importance of scopes. Rifle scopes bring better views for long-range shooting. And it increases the precision and accuracy of shooting. Therefore, buying the right air rifle scopes is a necessity. At Victoptics, we have various types of scopes for you to choose from. As an air rifle scope wholesale manufacturer, we specialize in producing scopes for air rifles, airsoft, and air guns.


Choose from several options in magnification, objective, finish, reticle, field of view, and more.

If you are looking to get the most out of your firearm, find the perfect scope for your needs right here at Victoptics. We now have warehouses both in China and the USA. Fast delivery is available for your scope wholesale order.

Air Rifle Scope FDE Manufacturer Wholesale
Air Rifle Scope Wholesale

3 Advantages of Victoptics Compared with Other Optics Manufacturers  

Among numerous optics manufacturers, Victoptics has 3 advantages.

  • First, Victoptics is a sub-brand of  Vector Optics which was founded over 16 years ago. As a well-established optics brand, Vector Optics is devoted to making high-end and best-quality scopes, thus the high price (with extra-low dispersion and high power variable optics). To meet all kinds of needs of our customers, Victoptics appeared.
  • Second, there is 1-year limited warranty policy for all products. We can assure the accuracy and good quality of our air rifle scopes, providing a satisfying experience. With crystal-clear images and durable materials, they can last for a long time. Our customer service will be online from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Monday to Friday)
  • Third, we are committed to providing good-quality products at factory prices. You can contact us to get a free quote. Our air rifle scopes can fit within your budget. Whether you are a retailer or distributor, our cost-effective solutions fit all budgets, allowing you to provide your customers with reliable, accurate shooting accessories. Work with us today to enhance your business with our affordable airgun scopes.

Victoptics Air Soft Scope Wholesale Best Sellers


This kind of air rifle scope adopts a stylish brown color and a coyote FDE finish. These LPVO scopes offer the advantage of being able to quickly and easily switch between magnification levels. Moreover, it has Zero Reset & Turret Lock functions. To better focus objects, there are 5 levels of red and green side illumination. The image is Sharp and Clear, without a dark ring around the image.


This SFP LPVO is also equipped with Zero Reset & and Turret Lock features, supports more accurate shooting at different distances, and prevents accidental movements of the turrets. It is matte black finish with fully multi-coated technology. Wide FOV can increase your performance. It is the best LPVO for CQB, perfect for fierce Airsoft and paintball combats.


Since bench rest shooting is a type of competitive shooting where the shooter fires from a seated position with the rifle supported on a fixed platform such as a table or bench, and the ultimate goal is to shoot at the smallest possible targets at long distances, a high magnification scope such as a 6-24x air rifle scope is your best option.

To win in this competition, the scope should also have a clear and bright image, as well as a parallax adjustment. Fortunately, the Victoptics S4 6-24X50 MDL riflescope has everything you want. It features a large crystal clear 50mm fully multi-coated objective lens and a sharp image that has no dark rings inside. It has a parallax adjustment knob that can be adjusted from 20 yds to infinity. Even better, this scope comes with a side parallax adjustment wheel that allows for constant and precise focus adjustment.

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