Best Budget Airgun Scope Review – VictOptics S4 6-24X50 MDL

Jul 18, 2023

A view from Northern Ballistics Canada

Today we’re taking a quick look at the Victoptics S4, a 24x zoom PCP rifle scope for around 100 bucks.

This scope is an inexpensive option for PCP, CO2 gun or Airsoft rifles. And I’ll explain why it’s for those types of rifles in only a minute.

Victoptics is a side brand of the more well-known overseas brand Vector Optics – a medium-sized scope manufacturer out of Shanghai, China. They have a 5 000 square feet dust-free facility with an assembly line and distribution capabilities.

Here, I’d like to share my thoughts on this S4 scope from Victoptics. 


Because of the type of shooting I typically do which is target shooting, I love higher zoom scopes, and the 24x zoom allows me to get up right close and personal on the bullseye. 

One of the things that separate a high quality scope versus inexpensive scope is the clarity at full zoom. Most scopes have a sweet spot where they produce the best quality image as you can see here (2:02), the scope is zoomed in at full 24x, and there’s just a little bit of blurriness around the edges but it’s very minor and does not affect the sight picture overall and most people wouldn’t even notice or care especially at this price point.


Typically, on inexpensive scopes, you tend to have quiet or mushy clicks on the turrets. But the turrets on the S4 scope are loud, crisp and what I would call a real positive click. Not only are the clicks positive, but it has a locking capability as well, you can lock in your elevation and windage. Not that the turrets would budge or move if they weren’t locked. But that’s how positive the clicks are again.

I have to remind everyone at this point that this scope is only around a hundred bucks. These types of features and quality are typically found on much more expensive options.


Now let’s talk about the reticle. It’s an MDL reticle, which is a wire reticle. Wire reticles are more popular than you might think. It’s not an etched glass reticle that you might find on a more expensive scope. For this reason, the manufacturer recommends this scope be used on low recoil rifles, PCP, Co2, .22 long rifle. And absolutely $100 not to be used on any Springer or nitro piston airguns. They will destroy most scopes, let alone a wire reticle.


So let’s talk about the specs of this scope.

It’s a 30 millimeter tube, so make sure your rings match the tube size when you order. It has a 50 millimeter objective bell to allow a lot more light to enter the tube, giving you a nice bright image.

It features a side parallax adjustment which has a minimum of about 20 yards on the 6×24 version, and has locking turrets.

VictOptics s4 SFP 6-24x50

Now to be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting much when I was told it was coming, and I figured the price point was low and it was coming from overseas. I was expecting a low quality option for the money. I was pleasantly surprised however after using this thing for a while. All the features work as they should and produce good results.

At this price point, it’s absolutely my recommendation for an affordable option for air gunners

And I’m really curious to see how much better their higher priced products are, since they’ve got quite a lot of selection and lineup of options.

So if you’re in the market for an affordable scope with all the good features, this is a great option for you and I wouldn’t hesitate to make the recommendation check out their website at and ask your local retailer if they can bring these in for you.

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1. PCP rifle refers to a type of airgun that uses pre-charged compressed air to propel pellets or bullets. They require a source of compressed air, such as a high-pressure air tank or pump, to charge the rifle before use.

2. A CO2 gun is an airgun that uses carbon dioxide (CO2) gas to propel pellets or BBs. These guns typically use small, disposable CO2 cartridges that are inserted into the gun’s grip or stock. 

3. A .22 rifle is a type of firearm that fires .22 caliber bullets. They are often relatively lightweight and easy to handle, great for benchrest shooting and hunting.

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