New Release! Fiber Reticle LPVO Scope!

Jun 20, 2023
Fiber Reticle rifle scope

Today, we will introduce our latest rifle scope – S6 1-6x24i Fiber SFP Scope (OPSL33)!

Designed for hunters and shooters who demand the best value for their money, our fiber optic reticle riflescopes offer unparalleled visibility, fast target acquisition and exceptional durability.

The S6 1-6×24 SFP LPVO riflescope (OPSL22) has long been one of Victoptics’ best-selling riflescopes, and this time we have added some new features and introduced our new LPVO riflescope.

It is also the first Victoptics riflescope with a fiber reticle. Therefore, it will combine the best of both LPVO scopes and fiber optics.

A comparison between OPSL22 and OPSL33

OPSL33 compared with OPSL22

Compared to OPSL22, this new fiber reticle 1-6×24 LPVO scope has advantages like below:

  •  Super bright

Compared to an etched glass reticle, a fiber reticle allows you to clearly see the illuminated center dot and is suitable for use in both bright light and dim light. Also, at low magnifications such as 1x, you can open your eyes and quickly find the target with a bright center dot (similar to red dot aiming).

  • 6 levels intermittent illumination

This fiber reticle LPVO scope features 6 levels of red illumination, with intermittent “off” positions that allow users to turn the illumination knob off instantly.


Also, as you can clearly see in the chart above, our fiber optic rifle scope is as light as our classic S6 1-6×24 scope, without adding significant weight to the rifle, making it ideal for hunters and shooters who want to minimize weight and bulk.

With all the benefits, this new fiber optic reticle riflescope does not cost a lot. It is still affordable and offers customers the best value. The wholesale price starts from 10 pcs, and even lower if you order more than 30 pcs. However, the wholesale price is different according to areas of the world and quantity. So please feel free to contact us for a quote.

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