How to Choose A Right Varmint Scope?

Feb 07, 2024

Are you troubled by uninvited “guests” at your farm?

Would you like to eliminate prairie dogs, coyotes, raccoons, or other varmints?

You can’t hit what you can’t aim for. Variable scopes excel for varmints.

With the right scope, you can effectively eliminate pests like prairie dogs, coyotes, and raccoons, protecting your territory and preserving the safety of your livestock or other animals.

However, how to choose a right varmint scope for your rifle?

Today, VictOptics will introduce different scopes for varmint rifles. After reading this blog, you will know how to choose the best scope for .22-250, varmint scope for 223, and coyote hunting scopes. Also, we will compare different scopes according to long-range and budget. Let’s dive in!

22-250 vs .223 varmint scope, how to choose?

How to Choose A Varmint Scope for .22-250

Before knowing what’s the best scope for .22-250, let’s go back to its history first.

In the 1980s, .22-250 (also called .22-250 Remington) was used by the British and Australian militaries. It is a high-velocity, short-action cartridge. The .22-250 bullet travels extremely fast and can reach as far as 1450 m/s (the fastest commercial cartridge).

Forty years later, the .22-250 caliber rifle has been widely used for varmint hunting as well as small to medium game hunting.  For one thing, the fast speed reduces the impact of windy conditions to ensure accuracy. For another thing, the small caliber eliminates your worry about kickback.

When selecting a scope for a .22-250 caliber rifle, look for a scope with a 6-24 power magnification, such as the VictOptics S4 6-24×50 riflescope. This scope is designed specifically for air rifles and .22LR rimfire, and it can withstand the recoil (750 G) of a high-velocity cartridge. Also, 3.8 inch eye relief avoid scope bite.

Best Varmint Scope for .223 Caliber Rifles

While the .223 Remington offers less case capacity than the .22-250, it is still a viable option for varmint hunting due to its lower volume and recoil. For a .223 caliber rifle, a scope with 1-8 power magnification or 2-12 power magnification is recommended for experienced shooters. For those who need to improve shooting precision, a scope with 24x magnification is a better choice. Now that we’ve chosen the magnification of the scope, how about the reticle?

BDC, Mil-dot, and Christmas tree reticle, which is better for varmint scope? Too thick the crosshairs will make it difficult to aim at long-range shooting. So, a thinner crosshair should be your first choice in long-range shooting scenarios. But it depends. If it’s a large varmint like a coyote, thick crosshairs are useful.

.22-250 vs .223
.223 vs 22-250 cartridge (image from

How to Choose Coyote Hunting Scopes?

Coyote hunting has become essential due to their frequent attacks on domestic animals. In particular, during deer seasons, it’s a must to prevent coyotes from hunting your deer.

But coyotes often hunt for food in dim-light hours. Therefore, choosing a good coyote hunting scope is worth considering. Without the help of varmint scopes, it is difficult for you to purge them around your territory.

S4 6-24x50 varmint scope with parallax side wheel

What makes a good coyote hunting scope? The first is light transmission. Since coyotes are often active in pre-dawn and dusk hours, you have to make sure your varmint can enable enough lights to go through. A scope with a fully multi-coated (FMC) can deal with it. FMC lenses can greatly increase light transmission and lower dispersion, providing you with a clear sight picture.

The second factor is the illuminated reticle. Coyotes are brownish-colored, which is indiscernible at dusk. With an illuminated reticle, you can finely aim your target.

The third factor is magnification. For a true walking Varmint rifle, a 3-18x magnification scope is the best, so you can acquire your target quickly and aim precisely.

Long Range Varmint Scopes

When it comes to long-range varmint shooting, we cannot ignore the field of view of scope.

At the highest magnification, the field of view of the varmint scope is extremely limited. That’s why you need to consider one with a wider field of view to cover more areas.

Take a look at the 6-24x50mm varmint scope, this scope has an objective lens with a 50mm diameter. 4 power zoom factor. The inner tube is nitrogen filled to prevent fogging.

Selecting the right varmint scope can significantly enhance your hunting and shooting capabilities, whether you’re dealing with varmints on your property or hunting coyotes. By considering factors such as caliber compatibility, magnification, light transmission, reticle type, and field of view, you can make an informed decision when choosing a varmint scope that meets your specific needs and budget. With the right scope, you can effectively eliminate varmints and protect your property with precision and accuracy.

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