What is SVD Dragunov scope?

Aug 23, 2023

Before we find out what an SVD Dragunov is, let us first understand the definition of “SVD Sniper”.

The history of SVD Sniper

“SVD Sniper” refers to a type of sniper rifle developed in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The SVD, which stands for “Snaiperskaya Vintovka Dragunova” or “Dragunov Sniper Rifle”, was designed in the late 1950s by a genius Soviet weapons designer – Yevgeny Dragunov.

The SVD Sniper is known for its accuracy and reliability, and is still used by many military and law enforcement organizations around the world. It has also become a popular weapon among civilian hunters and marksmen, especially in Russia and Middle-eastern regions.

The SVD Sniper has a long history of use in conflicts around the world, including the Vietnam War, the Soviet-Afghan War, and the conflicts in Chechnya and Ukraine. It is also featured prominently in many video games and movies.


A picture of the Dragunov SVD sniper rifle

Now, SVD sniper replicas are becoming an increasingly popular choice among airsofters who prefer a more realistic and challenging gameplay experience. It is considered a retro fashion to own a SVD sniper replica and a SVD scope.

SVD sniper rifle and SVD scope

One of the most prominent features of the SVD sniper rifle is that it is equipped with an adjustable optical scope, which is directly mounted from the side of the rifle.

The PSO-1 scope, a telescopic sight that was originally designed for use with the SVD Dragunov sniper rifle, was lately thought as one of the most creative riflescope design. It was developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s by the instrument-making arm of the Soviet Union’s Ministry of Defense, and was first introduced into service in 1969.

The PSO-1 scope was designed to provide Soviet snipers with a high-quality, rugged, and reliable scope that could be used in a variety of different combat environments. It features a 4x magnification, an illuminated reticle, and a range-finding reticle that allows the user to estimate distances up to 1,000 meters.

PSO-1 SVD-reticle

PSO-1 reticle, photo from Wikipedia

In terms of innovation, the PSO-1 first adopts a reticle design with fast and accurate rangefinding capability, which enables snipers to get rid of the embarrassing situation of basically relying on blindfolds for rangefinding, and lays the foundation for more accurate shooting at targets within 300~400 meters.

Secondly, the PSO-1 rifle scope adopts built-in illumination solution, through the battery, lamp beads on the reticle for illumination, this design effectively helps the sniper can be in the dusk, dawn, and even night conditions for aiming and shooting.

These two innovations of PSO-1 riflescope have influenced the majority of riflescope designs since then, and although the specific design of the riflescope in terms of range and illumination tends to be quite different, the use and purpose is the same.

Over time, the PSO-1 scope became one of the most widely used sniper scopes in the world, also been exported to other countries and used by their military and law enforcement agencies.

As the scope becomes more popular, more and more scope manufacturers add their creative ideas into the scope, such as more magnification range options, weapon compatibilities, and stylish appearances. Now, one thing for sure is that the PSO rifle scope type is versatile enough for all kinds of fields.

Victoptics SVD Dragunov Rifle Scope

As a professional airsoft riflescope manufacturer, SVD riflescope is the riflescope type Victoptics can never miss.

This month (August, 2023), Victoptics has freshly released 2 new SVD Dragunov riflescopes: SVD Dragunov 4×24 FFP Riflescope (OPSL34) and SVD Dragunov 3-9×24 FFP Riflescope (OPFF-03).

While the 4×24 is the most retro-styled PSO-1 riflescope, the 3-9×24 offers more versatility for long-range shooters.

Both have the classic construction of the original PSO-1 riflescope, but with a more intriguing finish. Made from high quality die-cast aluminum, they will withstand your toughest airsoft games.

OPFF-03 features

Highlights of OPFF-03, click the picture to get more details

OPSL34 SVD 4x24 SVD scope features

Highlights of OPSL34, click the picture to get more details

OPFF-03 SVD 3-9x24 FFP Reticle

The rangefinding reticle of Victoptics SVD Dragunov 3-9×24 FFP Riflescope (OPFF-03)

The SVD rangefinding reticle, combined with the FFP feature, allows you to range at any magnification. And thanks to the 2 red illumination gears, your visibility is greatly improved in low light conditions.

OPFF-03 SVD 3-9x24 FFP Acom 3

No scope rings are required.

Designed specifically for the SVD sniper rifle, the Side Mount System provides a more stable and secure attachment to the rifle. By attaching the scope to the side of the receiver, the shooter can maintain a low profile and reduce the overall weight of the rifle.

In addition, the Side Mount System allows the scope to be quickly and easily removed, which can be useful in situations where the shooter needs to switch between different types of optics or iron sights.

The elevation and windage of these two SVD sights are easy to adjust, with a total range of 60 MOA.

Each time you turn the dial, there is a crisp mechanical click that you can clearly feel. You can tell how many clicks you are turning just by listening.

OPFF-03 SVD 3-9x24 FFP Acom 8
OPFF-03 SVD 3-9x24 FFP Acom 9

Both SVD riflescopes come with an Ocular Lens Eye Cover for better comfort when aiming and shooting. While the lens caps will protect the valuable lens from crashes and dust.

What is the difference between a real SVD scope and an airsoft SVD scope?

While as an airsoft SVD scope, designed for use with airsoft guns that fire plastic pellets and does not need to be as durable as the original PSO-1, Victoptics SVD scope will exceed your expectations in its durability. Aside from airsoft gaming, it also works great for hunting and other shooting scenarios.

New Dragunov SVD red dot sight is coming soon

Victoptics is always ready for the next level of innovation. A highly anticipated SVD red dot sight is coming soon, with the following features:

  • 4MOA Red Dot Size
  • Illuminated
  • Side QD Mount System Fit AK Series
  • w/ Lens Cover

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