What MOA for red dot sight?

Apr 27, 2023

Many customers may have these doubts: why so many red dot sight manufacturers have different red dot sizes for sale, and what exactly does “MOA” stand for? If you also have these doubts, and you need a red dot sight for your pistol, but have no idea which MOA size to choose, here Victoptics will help you to understand which MOA red dot is the best to buy.

What is MOA on a red dot sight?

Define “MOA” in the context of red dot sight

MOA stands for “minute of angle,” which is a unit of measurement used in optics to describe the angular size of a target or the adjustments made to a sight. In the context of a red dot sight, MOA is used to describe the size of the aiming point and the adjustments made to the sight to zero it in.


Specifically, MOA is used to describe the size of the red dot reticle in a red dot sight. A red dot sight with a 1 MOA reticle will display a dot that covers 1 inch of the target at 100 yards. Similarly, a 2 MOA reticle will cover 2 inches of the target at 100 yards, and so on.


MOA in red dot elevation and windage adjustment

MOA is also used to describe the adjustments made to the sight to zero it in on a target. Each click of the adjustment knob on a red dot sight typically corresponds to a certain number of MOA, such as 1/4 MOA or 1/2 MOA. This allows the shooter to make precise adjustments to the sight to ensure that the aiming point is on target.


In summary, MOA is a unit of measurement used in optics to describe the size of the aiming point in a red dot sight and the adjustments made to the sight to zero it in on a target.

If you still find it difficult to understand how to adjust the elevation and windage of your pistol red dot, don’t worry, VictOptics have very considerate MOA dia plate to assist for precise adjustment.

Click on the picture to know more.

MOA dia plate

How do I know what is the best MOA for red dot?

Generally, 2 MOA, 3 MOA, 4 MOA, 5MOA, 6MOA red dot sights are most popular in the red dot market. And VictOptics have 3.5 MOA red dot option for customers who prefer 3 MOA red dot, but wish it could be a little larger.

When choosing for a red dot sight, it is important to consider the intended use of the sight. For close-range shooting, a larger MOA may be more appropriate, as it allows for faster target acquisition. However, for longer-range shooting, a smaller MOA may be more accurate and precise. In view of this, a 2 MOA red dot is mostly recommended. It is also important to consider the size of the target and the level of precision required for the shot.

3 MOA vs 6 MOA, which is better?

Among all MOA size, 3 MOA and 6 MOA are probably most welcomed.

3 MOA dot will cover less the target, and provide greater accuracy and precision for middle to longer-range shooting.

While a 6 MOA dot covers more of the target, allows for faster target acquisition at close ranges.

Choosing between a 3 MOA and 6 MOA red dot sight ultimately comes down to personal preference and how accurate you need.

Need long-range shooting or competition? Buy 3 MOA red dot. Mainly used in CQB games and self-defense shooting? Then picking up a 6 MOA red dot scope will be better.

What is Red Dot Sight MOA size chart?

Red Dot Sight MOA size chart can vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the sight. However, VictOptics red dot size chart is designed for universal use, and will fit most red dot reflex sight on current market. Here is the chart for your reference. With this chart, you will better understand which size suits you best.

coverage of red dots

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