New! Wholesale Weaver and Dovetail Scope Rings!

Jun 16, 2023

Victoptics is a leading manufacturer of high quality rifle scopes and accessories, and our rifle scope rings are no exception. This month (June) we are launching a range of high quality Dovetail and Weaver rings, designed to provide a secure and stable mounting platform for your scope, ensuring it stays in place and maintains its zero even under heavy recoil or rough handling.

Weaver and Dovetail scope rings for wholesale

New Weaver Rings

Those new Weaver scope rings are able to fit on both 21mm Picatinny and Weaver rails. Retail price is only USD9.00, wholesale price is from USD3.00.

VIMW-01 25.4mm Weaver Rings Low Acom 1
VIMW-02 25.4mm Weaver Rings Medium Acom
VIMW-03 25.4mm Weaver Rings High Acom 1
Type Center Height (from bottom to ring center) SKU
25.4mm Low Profile 22.5mm / 0.9in VIMW-01
25.4mm Medium Profile 25.4mm / 1in VIMW-02
25.4mm High Profile 30.5mm / 1.2in VIMW-03
30mm Low Profile 25.4mm / 1in VIMW-11
30mm Medium Profile 31.8mm / 1.25in VIMW-12
30mm High Profile 36mm / 1.4in VIMW-13

New Dovetail Rings

Victoptics Dovetail rings are designed to fit rifles with 11mm dovetail rail, providing a versatile option for many different scope diameters and types of firearms.

Their retail price is also USD9.00 and wholesale price starts at USD3.10 if you buy more than 30 items.

VIMD-01 25.4mm Dovetail Rings Low 1 Acom 1
VIMD-02 25.4mm Dovetail Rings Medium Acom 1
VIMD-03 25.4mm Dovetail Rings High Acom 1
Type Center Height (from bottom to ring center) SKU
25.4mm Low Profile 22.5mm / 0.9in VIMW-01
25.4mm Medium Profile 25.4mm / 1in VIMW-02
25.4mm High Profile 33.4mm / 1.3in VIMW-03
30mm Low Profile 27mm / 1.1in VIMW-11
30mm Medium Profile 30mm / 1.2in VIMW-12
30mm High Profile 35mm / 1.4in VIMW-13

w/ ACD Mount Screw Hole

All of the weaver and dovetail rings listed above have an ACD mount screw hole that can be used with the Screw-in Anti Cantilever Device Mount (SCACD-22) to help shooters check that the scope is well aligned with the target. The Screw-in Anti Cantilever Device is extremely light so it will not be a burden. It is highly recommended that you take both home with you!

SCACD-22 (not included in scope ring package)

SCACD-22 Screw-in Acom 1

What does it look like when the SCACD-22 is connected to the scope ring?


As a professional scope ring supplier, Victoptics has produced premium rings for the B2B market.

These weaver and dovetail rings are made from high quality materials and machined to exacting tolerances, ensuring a tight and secure fit between the rings and the receiver of your rifle. This precision machining also helps to prevent any unwanted movement or shifting of the scope, which can be a major problem when trying to get an accurate shot.

Another great feature of Victoptics rifle scope rings is their durability. These scope rings are built to withstand the rigors of heavy use in the field, and are designed to last for years even under harsh conditions. Whether you’re hunting in the rain, snow, or extreme heat, you can count on these rings to hold up and keep your scope in place.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of buying scope rings wholesale from Victoptics is the cost savings. By buying in bulk, you can get these high quality rings at a fraction of the cost of other brands, without sacrificing quality or performance. Their retail price is as low as USD$9.00. If you wholesale more than 30 pieces, the price for each piece starts at USD$3.00!


Do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information, our sales team will reply within 24 hours!