Two piece scope rings vs one piece mount, how to choose?

Aug 07, 2023

When you decide to have a sighting device to help you aim, a single scope or reflex sight is far from enough. You will also need to consider how to mount your sighting device on your weapon, so you may also have some scope mounts or footprints on your shopping cart by now. Today we will focus on one of the most important scope accessories – the scope mount, and help you make the right choice between 2-piece and 1-piece mounts.

Since the 2-piece rings are the most popular mounting option, when we say “scope rings”, we mean two separate rings as a group that are mounted on the rifle with the scope between them.

Scope rings are generally less expensive than one-piece mounts, and they offer more flexibility in adjusting the height and position of the scope from time to time. They are also lighter and more convenient to carry with you.

Take Victoptics scope rings for example, the retail price is only $9.00, but they are all made from high quality 6063-T6 aluminum alloy, with various center heights (low, medium and high) and scope tube diameter options, designed for real firearms with Weaver, Dovetail or Picatinny rails.  And most of them are no heavier than 100g per pair, very handy to hold.

air rifle scope mounts different sizes

One-piece mounts, instead, as the name indicates, are a single unit that mounts directly to the rifle and holds the scope, providing a safer and more stable platform for aiming. They are extremely strong and durable and are great for high recoil systems.

Zero Reset & Turret Lock riflescope
OPSL23 coyote fde riflescope

The one-piece mount is more convenient to install, and you don’t have to worry about the scope rotating in the rings. Two piece rings, on the other hand, require you to overlap them.

However, one-piece mounts are not perfect. They are heavier and bulkier than separate scope rings. And they tend to cost more than scope rings.

Since the scopes and scope accessories that Victoptics manufactures are primarily for airsoft guns and air rifles, we want to offer the best value for airsoft players. And because airsoft guns typically have much less recoil than firearms, you can use most types of scope rings with appropriate rails. Among all scope rings designed for airsoft rifles, Victoptics scope rings will amaze you with their durability.

For both airsoft guns and real firearms, the rule is: If you care more about alignment and accuracy, choose one-piece mounts. And if you value portability, cost-effectiveness and flexibility the most, separate scope rings are your best option.

Get to know more about Victoptics scope rings and the differences between scope rings and one-piece mounts.

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