How to Choose An Air Rifle Scope?

Sep 08, 2023

At the very beginning, we need to learn about scopes and what an air rifle scope is. A scope can be installed on rifles to better observe objects. As for how to choose an air rifle scope, there’s more to learn about.


What Is A Good Scope for An Air Rifle?

Air rifle scopes explained: that they are specially designed for air rifles and are different in many parameters.

Next, we can divide air rifle scopes into fixed rifle scopes and variable scopes. 

air rifle scope variable and fixed magnification

The former airsoft scope has fixed magnification, and there is usually no zoom device. For one thing, this type of scope has fewer components and good optical imaging. For another thing, it has small distortion during imaging, as well as the best shock resistance. Another highlight is worth mentioning, it works stably.


However, there are also shortcomings. For example, you can not adjust its magnification according to the situation. When the magnification is too high, it is hard for short-distance shooting; and low magnification is hard for long-distance shooting. Therefore, observers often use telescopes to assist in shooting.

4x32 fixed magnification air rile scope

The second type of rifle scope adopts variable magnification lens groups. It can realize conversion from low magnification to high magnification. This kind of scope has good versatility and can achieve close observation and long-distance precise aiming. It has better flexibility. For example, Victoptics air rifle scope 3-9×40 can provide 3x magnification and you can adjust its magnification to achieve precise aiming.

3-9x40 variable magnification air rifle scopes

However, the disadvantage is that the moving parts are too large. Sometimes in high-vibration and high-impact applications, the overall working life is slightly worse than that of the fixed-multiplication type. 


As for how much magnification to use, it depends on your actual needs. If you only plan to shoot targets at the same distance every time, and there is no need to further improve your ability to observe details, you can choose a fixed-magnification scope. 

Generally speaking, variable power scopes are more adaptable to shooting at different distances, but because they are more complex in design than fixed power scopes, their manufacturing costs are higher and you may encounter repair problems.


Tips About How to Choose Good Airgun Scopes


To buy a good airgun scope, you should consider these factors:

One factor is eye relief. It means the best distance that can provide the maximum field of view without causing vignetting. The eye relief is fixed, and distances greater than or less than this will cause difficulty in observation.

Exitpupil and eye relief from Wikipedia

Another factor worth considering is recoil force when rifles are fired. 

The recoil force is generated when the firearm is fired. Scopes with different design indicators have different tolerances to severe vibrations. Nevertheless, airgun scopes require the highest craftsmanship because the spring in the gun will instantly produce recoil forces twice in opposite directions during the firing process. If the scope used does not meet the airsoft specifications, even if it is a very expensive, high-end product, the internal parts will be shaken to pieces after just a few uses. Thus, the entire mirror will be scrapped. Many new shooters lose their money because of this reason. So if you’re going to equip an airgun with a scope, you must ensure it is “airgun-rated” and is promised by the scope manufacturer.

Air Rifle Scope Mounts

To install scopes on airguns, you need mounts to help. Without the right mounts, your air rifle scopes will move every time you shoot. Mounts make scopes stable and firm.  

But the tube diameters are different, so you need to make sure air rifle scope mounts are suitable for tubes. For example, Victoptics produces 1-inch, 30-mm, 34-mm, and 35-mm tube diameters. If you choose the wrong size, it may break when shooting.

Meanwhile, Victoptics offers 3 types of air rifle scope mounts to choose from. They are dovetail mount, Picatinny, and weaver mounts.

air rifle scope mounts different sizes

Best Budget Air Rifle Scopes 2023

Till now, I’m pretty sure you’ve known factors about choosing airgun scopes. Let’s have a quick review. 

First, fixed vs. variable magnification airgun scopes. Scope magnification depends on the situation, a variable magnification airgun scope is suitable for both short and long-distance shooting. While a fixed scope is more stable because of the fixed construction.

Second, the eye relief determines whether you can well observe objects. Read carefully about the specifications when buying air rifle scopes, or you may need customer service to help. Vector optics can give you the best suggestions and guidance.

Third, the recoil force of airguns, choosing the right scope can avoid your loss of money.

Fourth, right mounts are of vital importance.

Then, what else to think about?

budget airgun scopes 2023

Yeah, price. This may be the most important thing when choosing an airgun scope.

In 2023, you have many options, more and more manufacturers begin to produce high-quality air rifle scopes that offer precision and affordability.

The problem is how to choose and who to choose from.

I guess you may have known the key points to choosing airgun scopes. And then, who to choose?

If you are trying to find budget scopes for air rifles, you are in the right place!

Victoptics may be a good choice for you. As a sub-brand of Vector Optics, founded in 2018, Victoptics has been devoted to producing cost-effective airgun rifles to meet all the needs of our customers. As a scope manufacturer for over 15 years, we can provide shooting enthusiasts with good-quality and budget airgun scopes with a one-year warranty policy.

More importantly, our product line includes many types of features, like adjustable magnification, illuminated reticles, and durable construction. 

If you are still in a daze about how to choose an air rifle scope, please feel free to contact Victoptics experts. We can give you detailed suggestions and solutions. 

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