How to Customize a Red Dot Sight?

Dec 03, 2022

When it comes to red dot sight, I bet you will remind of a black or FDE finish one. But why can’t it be other colors? Say, a pink one? I believe it’s beyond your imagination, but sounds interesting, right? Today, together with me to see Victoptics customized pink red dot and customized reticles.

  • Customize Your Stylish Finish Red Dot Sight:

Although most of red dot sights are black matte, there’s possibilities that they can be other colors(FDE red dot sights? Camouflage one or a golden one?). There are also more colors can be painted if you prefer.

You can customize a unique red dot sight that belongs to you. Moreover, if you would like to start scope business, a fresh new idea will make you stand out.

Pink (Red Anodized Matte Finish)

See our pink red dot sight on the right. Do you like it ? These contrasting elements come together, adding a tender touch.

This Z3 1X22X33 red dot sight is bulit with four reticles(dot, circle & dot, crosshair & dot, crosshair & circle & dot). You can hear a clear click when changing reticles. But why are red dot sights red? Actually, there are also green dots that can meet your different needs in varied scenarios. This type of red dot sight is equipped with red and green light dots, and brightness intensities can be adjusted at your wish.

FDE Red Dot Sight (Burnt Brown)

This Z3 1x22x33 red dot sight in FDE color (flat dark earth) is also popular on the market. For red dot sights for sale, you can check our retail website to order.

We have tube type and open type for you to choose from. The open type reflex sight features a large window size, making it easy to acquire the target. Besides, the windage and elevation adjustment can be locked with a screw, in case there is acidental deviation.

  • Need to Custom Red Dot Reticles? Victoptics Can Help

A simple red dot can’t fit your appetite? Don’t worry, there are many types of reticle for you: crosshair, circle dot, crosshair dot, crosshair circle dot and even more.

At Victoptics, we specialize in customizing red dot reticles to suit your needs. Let us know your requirements, and we’ll strive to accommodate them. Contact us for a quote and find out more about our services.

Victoptics Red Dot Multi Reticles Options
victoptics red dot 4 recicles green

Different types of reticle, red and green dot color, different levels of illumination, etc. You can enjoy them all at only one red dot sight!

  • Still not enough?

Still need more personalized red dot sight? Visit our OEM/ODM page, tell us your ideas, Victoptics is going to make them true! We promise:

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  • Local Return and Exchange for USA Orders
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