VictOptics New Weaver 30mm Scope Rings For Sale!

Apr 20, 2023

Old fans of VIctOptics might have known that we have 34mm and 35mm low and medium tactical scope rings for wholesale, however, we know it is far from enough. Thereby after a careful investigation of the growing rifle scope market, and a collection of the needs and opinions from our customers, VictOptics decide to release new weaver rings for wholesale business, from low, medium to high ones.

Cheap Weaver scope rings, but of high quality!

Take our 30mm Weaver scope rings series as an example, the MSRP price is as low as USD9.00. But all of them are made 6063-T6 aluminum alloy, CNC machined, and designed for real firearms. Great fit on air rifles, hunting rifles and more. True views of any VictOptics products are always welcomed!

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best 30mm weaver scope rings
  • 30mm Diameter, 4 Screws per Ring, CNC Made, Low Weaver Scope Rings
  • 25.4mm 1.0in from Base to Ring Center
VIMW-12 30mm Weaver Rings Medium Acom 2
  • 30mm Diameter, 4 Screws per Ring, CNC Made, Medium Weaver Scope Rings
  • 32mm 1.3in from Base to Ring Center
VIMW-13 30mm Weaver Rings High on sale
  • 30mm Diameter, 4 Screws per Ring, CNC Made, High Weaver Scope Rings
  • 36mm 1.4in from Base to Ring Center

All VictOptics products are direct from the manufacturer. There is no middleman to add to the price. And we have integrated all suppliers of optical products and scope accessories in China, that’s why we offer the best price in the scope and scope accessories market.

FAQ about our new Weaver rings

1. How to mount these new Weaver scope rings?

Mounting these Weaver scope rings is a quick and easy process. First, you need to ensure that the rails are clean and free of debris. Next, place the bottom half of the ring onto the rail and tighten the screw in the bottom half until it’s secure. Then, position the top half of the ring onto the bottom half and, again, use the screws to tighten and secure the scope.


2. Will 20mm scope rings fit a Weaver rail?

Unfortunately, 20mm scope rings will not fit a Weaver rail. However, you can purchase adaptors that will enable the rings to fit the Weaver rail.


3. Will Weaver Scope Rings Work on a Picatinny Rail?

Those Weaver scope rings work perfectly well on a Picatinny rail. These two rails are designed almost similarly, and that means any Weaver scope rings will fit securely on a Picatinny rail.


Value for the money: both for retail customers and wholesale business.

If you’re a hunting enthusiast or a shooter looking for high-quality 30mm scope rings for your Weaver or Picatinny rail rifles, then VictOptics 30mm scope Weaver rings are the perfect product to bring home. Whether you are heading out into the field or visiting the gun range, VictOptics Weaver Scope Rings will provide the stability and security you need to ensure a successful shooting experience.

If you’re a gun store owner, all the better! We have wholesale price for you if you order in bulk. Feel free to contact at [email protected]