Struggling to find best budget 1-6x scope? Take a look at VictOptics S6

Jan 16, 2024

In recent years, the LPVO scope has become a versatile riflescope. While some shooters may struggle with finding the best budget 1-6x scope. In terms of budget, illuminated reticle gears, green or red illumination, quality, and warranty, there’s too much to take into account.

Best Budget 1-6x Scope

Why Do You Need An Illuminated Reticle 1-6x Scope?


Illumination is an important feature when choosing a riflescope. 

But you may wonder when you need an illuminated reticle.


The truth is that an illuminated reticle can help adjust light to adapt to all weather or light conditions, which means if the sun goes down or in a gloomy day, like a snowy or rainy day, you can adjust reticle illumination to see your objects clearer than in normal mode.


Anyway, with an illuminated LPVO, you can enjoy your hunting no matter how the environmental lights change.

Victoptics S6 1-6x Riflescope with Illuminated Reticle at a Competitive Price

Next, some would worry about its legality. Can you hunt with an illuminated reticle? Before deciding to buy one, you have to know the principles of your state. For example, it is allowed to take big game (deer, elk, bighorn sheep, etc) in California.

Green and Red Illuminated Reticle 1-6x Scope


Except for the common red-illuminated reticle, there’s a green one as well. What’s the difference between them, and which one is more suitable for your shooting? You will get the answer in this blog.


Red-illuminated reticle riflescopes are versatile in many conditions. However, due to the wavelength, the red color is difficult to see clearly under strong sunlight. In other words, red illumination is not a good choice in very bright conditions.


Moreover, it also depends on the shooting background. If you are shooting in a forest, the green color is almost invisible to your eyes. Thus, a riflescope with both red and green illuminated reticles can solve these problems.

Red and Green Illumination 1-6x Scope of Victoptics

As a featured product of Victoptics, this model has won a bunch of fans. Among 1-6x riflescopes, s6 is outstanding for its quality and price. Take a quick look at its appearance and specs.


We have two colors (black matte and FDE appearance) to meet your needs. The S6 1-6×24 features VictOptics’s own VI-CTSIX MIL type reticle which is equipped with a red and green illuminated reticle. It greatly brings you convenience when using it in a forest or desert, no matter if you are at dusk or dawn.


Its fully multi-coated lens is also a huge highlight, greatly increasing light transmission and ensuring sight quality. 

OPSL23 Model Budget 1-6x Rifle Scope, FDE color

How Far Can You See with S6 1-6×24 Scope?


The VictOptics S6 1-6×24 scope is an extremely versatile LPVO at an affordable price. And you can see from 15 to 600 yards with this scope. If you are looking for an optic to assist close-range shooting or home defense, it can be your best partner.  

What Customers Say about Our Budget 1-6x Scope?


Recently, VictOptics suddenly came across some reviews from our customers.

Let’s take a look at what our customers say.


Badgerlicious, a member in Airsoft Forums, said

“See you’ve made your pick. For anyone else deciding, or if this doesn’t work out for you, I have the victoptics s6 1-6×24. It’s an excellent sight for 1-4x magnification, great quality within that range with excellent eye relief, but seems to lose focus at 5x and 6x, but for airsoft that isn’t an issue. From what I understand vector/vict optics is a chinese brand that makes budget scopes for real guns, not just cheap airsoft ones. So they tend to be a bit more robust that your typical amazon’s choice deal. “ 

Exactly. VictOptics is a Chinese optic brand, and we mainly manufacture scopes for air rifles. The high-quality aluminum alloy material makes it robust and durable. Besides, it can resist 750 G shock recoil. Affordable and definitely high-quality LPVO for you.


Another review from Lozart, also extracted from the ar forum.

“Just to throw some more confusion in to the mix, have Gen 1 xxx SFP scope; the Victoptics S6 (1-6 x 24 SFP) and 1 had the original version of what is now the

Victoptics ZOD 1-4 (mine was FFP).

Victoptics are the “budget” range of Vector 0ptics products but they are definitely better than most other cheap units, The S6 comes with a throw lever for the

magnification ring too.

They’ve all been fantastic scopes. The ones that go down to 1 are true x1 they hold their zero and will survive most ham fisted treatment. I say most because

apparently if an 18 stone bloke falls arse over tit and lands on it, it bends.”

Watch the following video to learn about S6 1-6×24 scope test review.

As an upgraded model, S6 is equipped with higher magnification and a throw lever. The throw lever brings great convenience for adjusting the magnification. You can achieve it even if you wear gloves. More dependable design.

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