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· Magnification: 10x

· Objective Lens: 42mm

· Optical Structure: 4 Groups 6 Lens

· Type of Prism: BAK7

· Coating: Multi-layer coating

· Coating on Prism: Multi-layer coating

· Focus System: Center

· Exit Pupil: 4mm

· Field of View: 5.8°

· Field of View: 305 feet@1000 yards

· Field of View: 110 meters@1000 meters

· Diopter System: Right eyepiece

· Diopter Compensation: -5 to +5

· Size: 147x53x126mm

· Weight: 730g / 25.75oz

· Material: Reinforced Polycarbonate

· Water Proof: Yes

· Eyepieces: 1pc single lens + 1 pc coupled lens

· Objective lens: 1 pc coupled lens + 1pc flat glass coated

· Comes with strap, instruction, cleaning cloth, pouch and retail package etc


· Roof Prism

· 4 Groups 6 Lens

· Multi Coated Lens

· Coated Prism

· Made of Reinforced Polycarbonate

· Budget Binocular




Telescope vs binoculars, which is better?

For birdwatchers, a terrestrial telescope or binocular are both ideal equipment.However, there are mainly 3 factors to decide which is better for you:

  1. Magnification

Telescope usually offers higher power than binocular, with magnification generally range from 15x to 60x. While most binoculars are offering magnification at 8x or 10x.But it also means binoculars give a much wider view than a telescope does.

  1. Size

When select a birdwatching scope,you need to consider: are size and weight important? If the answer is yes, then a binocular is right for you.Because compared to telescopes, binoculars are lighter, much more portable and easier to operate.

  1. Budget

If you are just a beginner, and your budget is not very high, then a binocular is better for you.Take our 10X42 BINOCULAR for example,the retail price is USD55.20, and the wholesale price is only USD28.60 if you buy more than 10 pcs.

Except those 3 elements, binocular vision gives humans much better 3D depth perception,so if you mainly use a scope for birdwatching or nature observation, and you don’t wish to spend a lot on it, a binocular is definitely a better option.


Magnification FOV Size Budget Depths of Vision
Telescope 15x to 60x Acceptable Acceptable High Flat
Binocular 8x to 10x Larger Compact Relatively Lower 3D depth perception
VictOptics Binocular