What Do I Need To Consider When Buying A Scope for Airsoft?

Apr 07, 2023

What is airsoft?

It is a competitive game in which participants use replica firearms to shoot non-metallic pellets at each other in simulated combat scenarios. Airsoft games can be played in teams or individually, and often involve strategic planning and teamwork. Many airsoft players participate in organized leagues and tournaments, and the sport has a growing following around the world.

LPVO for tactic use

Do you need a scope for airsoft rifles?

Today, some redeem airsoft only a game or hobby, and doubt that whether airsoft scopes worth it. Actually, it is likely that having a scope could be beneficial as it can improve accuracy and allow for better target acquisition. With an optical scope on your airsoft guns, you will have a better overview on what happening of the battlefield, and spot and share potential danger instantly with your teammates. You will also be able to shoot longer and more accurate than those without a scope.

Can you use a real scope on an airsoft gun?

By saying “real scope”, you mean a scope with high shockproof feature. The answer is yes, you can use a real scope on an airsoft gun, because most airsoft guns do not generate as much recoil as real firearms.

LPVO scope for Airsoft

So what factors do I need to consider when selecting an airsoft rifle scope?



Consider the type of game you are playing and the distance you’ll be shooting. If you’re playing in close quarters combat or short-range games, a low magnification scope (like 1-6x or 1-4x) will be enough. However, for long-range shooting and sniper games, choose a high magnification scope.


Objective lens

For scopes with the same inner optical design and lens quality, the larger the objective lens, the clearer and brighter the image will be. However, larger lenses also add weight and cost to the scope. Choose the size of the objective lens according to your needs and budgets.



Choose a reticle that suits your shooting style. Some reticles have crosshairs while others have dots or chevrons, or other types of markings. Consider the color of the reticle as well, as some work better than others in low light or bright light conditions. For example, green reticle usually works better at direct sunlight than a red one, but will be inferior in forests and bushes.



Look for scopes that are rugged and durable, able to withstand the harsh conditions of airsoft battles. Consider scopes with sturdy construction, shockproof and waterproof features, and scratch-resistant lenses.

As for durability, Victoptics has something to say. All of Victoptics rifle scopes are made of high quality aluminum alloy 6061, with shockproof, water resistant and fog proof features, perfect for all fierce airsoft plays, hunting and general shootings.



Choose a scope that can be easily mounted on your airsoft gun, and ensure that it is compatible with your gun’s rail system. For Picatinny rail, a quick detach mount red dot is always popular, our VictOptics SRD 1×20 Red Dot Sight W/ QD Picatinny Riser Mount will be a good choice.



Since some scopes can be extremely expensive, you should consider your budget and balance the cost with the features you need. Look for scopes that offer the best value for money, and treat scopes as an effective scouting tool, not luxuries.

If you are entry level shooters or don’t wish to spend much on scopes, Victoptics is right for you. Because all of our scopes are manufacture-direct, we can offer the best price on the market, with great features like turret lock, reset zero and more.



Look for brands with good quality, reliability, and customer support. Check the warranty and repair policy to ensure you’re buying a quality scope that will perform as expected.

As for Victoptics, the warranty period is 1 year, and we have many dealers over the world to provide you with premium pre-sale and after-sale service.

A brief summary

Finally, picking up the right scope for your airsoft guns ultimately depends on your individual style of play and the type of airsoft gun you are using. Do some research about the scope quality, and ensure it is within your budget. Also, it is always recommended to experiment and see what works best for you.