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· Power: 5mW

· Wavelength: 532nM

· Length: 103mm (4.0 inch)

· Weight (net): 47g (1.6 oz)

· Dia.:18mm (0.7 inch)

· Dia.:20.5mm (0.8 inch), magnetic end part

· Material: High quality 6061 T6 aluminum

· Finish: Black matte

· Battery Type: CR2

· Material: High quality 6061 T6 aluminum

· Package: Rubber cover with sling

· With elastic sling to have the laser bore sight hang onto the muzzel to aviod the drop-in by accident.


  • 5mW, magnetism, super easy to use.
  • Universal use, fit almost all calibers (rifle, air gun and pistol etc) with steel muzzle, max to 50 BMG.

How does Muzzle Drop-in Green Laser Bore Sight work?

  • By project a laser beam from the center of the barrel axis of fire arms, this laser bore sight collimator allows you to instantly & accurately set your sight or scope etc.
  • The laser light emitted from the laser bore tool travels in a straight line while the bullet follows a trajectory.
  • The laser bore sight was already center aligned during the manufacture.


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What is a Laser Bore Sight good for?

Other than the greatly progressed lining accuracy, a boresight can save shooters quite a few money on ammunition in the zeroing process. Along side saving money, a boresight will also save time, allowing the shooter to get on paper quicker.

What is Muzzle Drop-in Laser Bore Sight?

It is a in-barrel laser sight. The Muzzle Drop-in Green Laser Bore Sight means the laser boresighter is inserted into the muzzle end of the barrel, making shooting more convenient. Besides, green laser is more bright and visible under direct sunlight, thus bring better shooting experience at strong light environments than red laser sight.