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Red and Green Illumination

Red and Green, constant brightness adjustment, fit any light condition.

red and green rifle scope Constant Adjustment
VictOptics C3 3-9x32 SFP OPSL29 tactical turret knob

Turret Lock and Zero-Reset

1/4 MOA click value, with turret lock and zero reset functions. Total 120 MOA elevation/windage adjustment range.

The lockable turret allows shooters to quickly and easily adjust the sight or scope on their rifle, while ensuring that the adjustments remain in place during use. This can be particularly useful when hunting or shooting at targets at varying distances. In addition, lockable turrets can help prevent accidental adjustments to the sight or scope, which can improve accuracy and safety.

The zero-reset turret allows the shooter to quickly and easily reset the scope’s elevation and windage adjustments to zero. By quickly resetting the scope to zero, the shooter can avoid confusion and ensure they are starting from a known reference point. This can save time when making adjustments.

Objective Lens Focus

Easy and convenient adjustment, parallax adjustment range 3, 5, 10, 12, 25, 50, 100 yds to infinite.

OPSL28 objective lens focus
VictOptics C3 3-9x32 rifle scope reticle

Mil-dot Style Reticle

Mil-dot reticle provides a way to compensate for bullet drop and wind drift by using the clear markings to make adjustments to the scope’s elevation and windage settings. It is designed for easy and fast targeting.

W/ Sunshade and Flip-up Caps

Free sunshade inside the box for your better performance on a bright and sunny day, and flip-up caps to protect the scope from dust and abrasion.

flip-up caps and killflash
VictOptics C3 3-9x32 SFP dimension

Ultra Compact

Ultra compact yet solid and durable. 385g 13.6oz light weight, never waste any ounce.




  • Magnification: 3-9x
  • Objective Lens Dia: 32mm
  • Ocular Lens Dia: 35mm (1.5in)
  • Exit Pupil: 10.6-3.6mm
  • Length: 205mm (8.1in)
  • Weight (net):385g (13.6oz)
  • Eye Relief: 102-76mm (4.0-3.0in)
  • Field of View (ft@100yds):37.0-12.5 feet
  • Optics Coating: Fully-multi coated
  • Reticle: Mil-dot style
  • Prallax Adjustment: 3, 5, 10, 12, 25, 50, 100 yds to infinite
  • Illumination: Red & Green
  • Battery Type: CR1620
  • Monotube: 25.4mm 1in Monotube
  • Click Value: 1/4 MOA turret lock
  • Elevation Range: 120 MOA
  • Windage Range: 120 MOA
  • High quality aluminum alloy in durable black matte finish
  • Fast focus eyepiece at ocular lens adjustment (diopter compensation)
  • Accessories: one pair of 25.4mm 1in weaver scope rings, sunshade, flip-up caps


  • Objective Lens Focus
  • 1/4MOA Turret Lock
  • 25.4mm 1 inch Monotube
  • Red and Green Illumination
  • Long Eye Relief
  • Mil-dot Style Reticle
  • Min Focus 3 Yards
  • Ultra Compact Size
  • W/ Sunshade and Flip-up Caps


VictOptics C3 3-9x32 SFP rifle scope for hunting feature

Why VictOptics C3 3-9×32?


Red and Green Illumination


FMC optic coating tech

The Lightest Weight Design

13.6 oz ultra compact

Reset to Zero

Fast and precise Zero-reset

Turret Lock

Easy turret lock

Tube Sunshade

w/Sunshade to improve shooting performance

With Rings

25.4mm weaver scope rings

Flip-up Cap

Flip-up protection caps

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