Rokstad Bipod for Rifle Sling Stud Slim 9-13.5 inch SKU: SCBPB-02


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  • Height (from top to bottom as picture shown): 345mm (13.5 inch) to 230mm (9.0 inch), 11 Levels (0.5 inch per level)
  • Weight (net): 430g (15.1 ounce)
  • Easy installation and detachment, sturdy construction with lock screw, frame crossbar anc claw etc
  • Mounts onto rifles with sling stud or with picatinny rail via adapter
  • Push the button to eject the feet
  • Rubber feet avoid slip, top rubber covered avoid scratch your caliber
  • High quality aluminum alloy in durable black matte finish
  • Designed for real fire caliber, no collapse
Victoptics SCBPB-02 bipod for rifle sling stud slim


Light weight, you can take it anywhere you want effortlessly. Easy to deploy with one hand and spring make the deployment solid.


Leg length can extend from 345mm (13.5 inch) to 230mm (9.0 inch), 11 settings of the leg length (0.5 inch per setting). Mounts onto rifles with sling stud or with picatinny rail via adaper. Fully adjustable and lockable legs can meet different needs of height.

Victoptics SCBPB-02 Rokstad Sling Stud Bipod 13.5 inch
Victoptics SCBPB-02 bipod for rifle sling stud(1)

Sturdy and Convenient

Easy installation and detachment. Just push the button to eject the feet. Made of high quality aluminum alloy, with rubber feet avoid slip, top rubber covered avoid scrach your caliber. Designed for real fire caliber, no collapse.


  • Full Metal, 9 to 13.5 Inch, w/ Weaver Mount Adapter, Sling Connection, 11 settings of the leg length


Does a bipod affect accuracy?

Yes, a suitable bipod will bring a significant improvement to your accuracy. First, if a bipod is properly deployed, you can lean into the rifle a bit to get greater stable capturing position. Second, accuracy depends much on the gun not moving around, and a bipod is more solid than a common rest or sandbag. So, bipods truely worth it.

How to wholesale bipods? Do you offer discounts?

You can contact us to get a free quote, we offer the best price for wholesaled bipods as well as bulk discounts, mix wholesale from only 10 pcs.

How long is the warranty period?

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Where should the bipod be mounted?/ How to use bipod?

For mounting and use questions, here is a video for your reference.