34mm Tactical Medium Picatinny Mount Rings SKU: SCTM-06B


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Diameter: 34mm

Length: 18mm (0.7 inch)

Height: 32mm (1.25 inch), bottom to ring center

Weight (net): 122g (4.3oz)

Material: 6061 T6

Finish: Black Matte

Mount: 21mm Weaver Picatinny


For 34mm diameter scope, one pair, four bolts per ring.

Full metal, tactical style, built to your rifle’s exact specifications for increased performance. Best scope rings for Air rifles.


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More Info

Can scope rings be too high?

Theoretically, yes. If you find the scope rings too high, you need to angle the scope upwards, otherwise you have to change for another scope with more elevation adjustment if the scope is running out of elevation adjustment range. Or you could buy a scope mount with compensate bullet drop.

High scope rings are good, but not always best. Sometimes, medium height scope rings will be more reliable. Before selecting the right scope rings, you could estimate the ring height you need. Make sure your cheekbone comfortable when looking through the scope, and leave enough space for your scope’s objective lens to sit on top of the receiver without crushing the barrel.

For more details about picking up the best scope rings, see Which scope rings do I need?

Can I use only one scope ring?

Better not, single scope ring is not as secure as a pair of well aligned rings. If you find mounting a pair of scope rings troublesome, one-piece scope mount is also a good idea.

Can you over tighten scope rings?

It seems not a good idea, since over tightening the scope ring will make the alignment difficult to adjust, and may even result in crushing the tube. Advice is that you can tighten your rings slowly until they are aligned and cling to the scope.