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Range Finder Reticle

The scope with a rangefinder reticle provides more important information on the screen and is designed with an easy-to-use reticle that makes aiming and tracking easier.

adjustable objective scope OPSL09

Adjustable Objective Focus

The adjustable objective (AO) allows the scope to be adjusted to be free of parallax error at different distances. All you have to do is rotate the objective ring.

Red and Green Illumination

This 2-6X32 AOE riflescope has 5 levels of red and green brightness settings, providing greater versatility in different lighting conditions.

The red illumination is ideal for low light situations such as dawn or dusk, while the green illumination works well in bright daylight. And the different brightness settings add an extra level of flexibility and precision to a riflescope, making it a popular choice for many hunters and shooters.

Victoptics 2-6x32 AOE Scope(OPSL09)
victoptics 2-6x32aoe scope black vector optics

w/ Sunshade and Flip-up Caps

This scope comes with a free sunshade and flip-up caps in the same package. A sunshade blocks direct sunlight from hitting the objective lens, reducing glare and improving image quality. And the flip-up caps keep dust and other particles from scratching your valuable lens.



· 25.4mm Monotube

· Range Finder Reticle

· 1/4″ Finger Adjustment

· Wide Field of View

· Objective Focus

· w/ Sunshade and Flip-up Caps


· Magnification: 2-6x

· Objective Lens Dia: 32mm

· Ocular Lens Dia: 26mm

· Ocular Length: 50mm

· Exit Pupil: 4.6-14.00 mm

· Length: 210mm (8.3 inch)

· Weight (net):360g (12.7 ounce)

· Eye Relief: 75-95mm (30.-3.7 Inch)

· Field of View (feet@100yds):15.7-42.0

· Optics Coating: Multi Coated

· Reticle: Range Finder Reticle

· Elevation Range: 60 MOA

· Windage Range: 60 MOA

· Monotube Dia.:25.4mm

· Battery Type: CR2032

· Illumination: 5 levels Red & Green

· Shock proof, Water Proof and Fog Proof (Nitrogen Purged)

· High quality aluminum alloy in durable black matte finish

· Feature 1/4″ windage and elevation adjustments with audible clicks

· Fast focus adjustment at ocular lens (diopter compensation)

· Free fitting involved: 25.4mm weaver (default) or dovetail mount, sunshade and flip-up caps

· Length of middle one inch tube: 70mm (2.7 in)

· Front gap between objective lens and turrets 20mm (0.8 in)

· Rear gap between ocular lens and turrets 19mm (0.7 in)


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Q1: What does AOE mean on a rifle scope?

“AOE” means this scope has an adjustable objective, to let you adjust the parallax by rotating the objective ring. While “E” means it is electric, that is to say, this is an illuminated riflescope.


Q2: How to clean rifle scope lens?/ How to maintain my rifle scope in good condition?

Your riflescope, though amazingly tough, is a precision instrument that deserves reasonable cautious care.

  1. When cleaning the lenses, first blow away any dirt and dust, or use a soft lens brush. Fingerprints and

lubricants can be wiped off with lens tissue, or a soft clean cotton cloth, moistened with lens cleaning


  1. All moving parts of the scope are permanently lubricated. Do not try to lubricate them.
  2. No maintenance is needed on the scope’s outer surface, except to occasionally wipe off dirt or

fingerprints with a soft cloth.

  1. Use lens covers whenever convenient.